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It looks like a simple question but do you know the correct answer? Does health come from the “Band-aid” you put on your cut finger? No. it’s your body that replaces those damaged cells with fresh, healthy cells. Does health come from the aspirin you swallow to cover up your headache? Of course not, a headache is just your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and when you take the aspirin it only hides the pain temporarily, it doesn’t correct the cause. Does health come from the sports cream you rub on your aching back? Nope. Although the heat from the ointment may ease the discomfort briefly, it just adds to the inflammation in the area caused by the compressed nerves and probably does more harm than good in the long run. Does health come from the “Pepto-Bismol” you drink to stop that disgusting diarrhea? No again. Diarrhea is a mechanism your body uses to flush out that spoiled fried chicken you ate. So you see the diarrhea can actually be a healthy response to something your body doesn’t need hanging around.

Well, have you figured out the answer to the question? Its simple isn’t it? Health obviously comes from WITHIN. Our amazing bodies have all the systems and mechanisms to keep us in a state of good health. All we need to do, in addition to eating properly and getting adequate exercise, is to make sure our nervous systems are allowed to carry out their job of controlling all our body functions. And you’re in luck because that’s what Chiropractic is concerned with, keeping your nervous system free of nerve interference created by spinal misalignments or “subluxations”.

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