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First Time Patients to the Clover Chiropractic Clinic

We accept new patients every working day of the week. It takes approximately one hour for this first visit.

You’ll start with some paperwork, and then Dr. Brodnax will go over your history and explain how Chiropractic can possibly help. Spinal x-rays will be taken. Spinal x-rays taken by a previous Chiropractor within the prior two years are usually acceptable provided they are of the correct area of the spine and no major injuries have occurred since the x-rays were taken.

Dr. Brodnax will go over your x-rays with you and then evaluate your spine and make the necessary adjustments. He’ll wrap up by explaining a few “do’s and don’t do’s” as well as some possible changes to look out for before your next visit.

Due to the length of time spent with a new person to the clinic, we prefer to schedule these first time patients either during the morning hours or just after lunch at 1:30. The afternoon hours are usually busy checking established patients.

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